LISOF Reviews

LISOF Reviews


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07 February 2023 11:40
Besides the pandemic interfering with the academic year, I would say that my time spent at lisof was not so great but not so bad either. Some of the lecturers lacked professionalism, in a way that they just took out their frustrations on the students. due to the pandemic. Many students could not afford to travel to school or even attend online classes, which made students fall behind in their studies, the college took its time to provide data to students who needed the data to continue their studies, so those are a few of the challenges but besides that, the facilities are clean and have a good environment

03 November 2020 4:26
They have got an amazing and refreshing approach to teaching. The organizational culture is very friendly and the lecturers are helpful and always willing to go the extra mile in assisting students to make progress with their work. There’s just an overall positive learning culture which is just very unique to the school and perhaps is one of the things that distinguish the school from many other institutions of higher learning.

13 August 2020 21:00
This school (PTA campus) is exceptional. The lecturers care about students needs when reaching out. During the lockdown, they tried their best to provide online schooling and had someone who reached out to students if they were falling behind. It is expensive but definitely worth it. The campus is beautiful, updated with the latest fashion news and best resources.

09 December 2018 13:39
Although this school may have great opportunities for students after studying they have the organisational skills of a toddler. They are money hungry and do not look out for the individual need of their students. They leave their students running around like headless chickens and are only willing to help once the chequebook comes. Deeply disappointed in this educational institution.

02 April 2018 15:01
The school is expensive and there is no follow-through of learners.