Milpark Business School Distance Learning

Milpark Business School Distance Learning


When a student enrols for distance education, they are not necessarily required to spend any amount of time at a specific location (in some instances, this may depend on the discipline field). They also have the advantage of being independent and in control of their time. This is a very suitable option (delivery mode) for working people or for people with special commitments.

Study anywhere, at any time

Milpark Education is committed to ensuring a high standard of practice and delivery on programmes in order to optimise the student experience of studying at a distance. We regard every element of the learning experience as important in contributing to student success.  These elements include administration and support, course development (including study guides and other resources), assessment and learning support. Effective course development is crucial in opening up the learning experience to the student.

Student support at a distance

Being at a distance, all students are entitled to proper support and the resources that they need. Milpark Education has a tutoring service to assist students during their studies.  Students who experience study and personal problems are also assisted through student counselling. If students need help with a specific academic problem, they can request assistance from their tutor. For continuous administration, interaction and support, students can access the fully functional online environments of myMilpark and myCourses.

Self Service Administration

myMilpark allows students to apply and register online, to change details such as exam venues and personal details, to access results as soon as they have been released, to print results letters and to access their uploaded, marked assignments.  Examinations are offered at 40 locations in South Africa and in any foreign location, on request.
On myCourses, students can also access a wide range of academic support services where there is a dedicated environment for each course. Here they can access their study plans, assessment plans, assignments (assignments can be uploaded), learning material, online tests and they can take part in discussions. Online environments are mobile-enabled and students can access all these services from their mobile devices.

Study material available online

Academic writing must be supported by reliable sources. Milpark Education has extensive online resources available in its online library that can be accessed remotely by distance students. Students can also create their own online bookshelves!