By | May 18, 2019

Nyadire Teachers College Logo Download

Nyadire Teachers College Logo – Nyadire Teachers College Logo Meaning, Nyadire Teachers College Logo Download… See Details about Nyadire Teachers College Logo

Logo is a symbol or other small design adopted by the College to identify its Vision, Mission, Philosophy, Core Values, Goals and Objectives.

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Mission Statement
To produce competent, innovative and morally upright primary school teachers for the socio–economic transformation of Zimbabwe.

A first class Science and Technology oriented primary teacher Education College.

With knowledge, a new life begins.

Desired Outcomes

  • The availability of effective qualified and responsible teachers for schools
  • The promotion of leadership qualities and professionalism in these teacher and the development of teachers as role models for the community
  • The effective development of the nations human resources, improved levels of literacy and numeracy in the community and improved quality of life for all.

Core Values





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