Professional Cookery At School of Hospitality & Tourism

Professional Cookery (NC)

Language and Communication
Food Prep, Larder and Commodities
Introduction to Computers
Accounting I
Nutrition, Hygiene and Safety
Entrepreneurial Skills Development
National and Strategic Studies

Duration: 1 Full YearExamination Board: HEXCO

Professional Cookery (ND)

Food Production- Larder and theory
Food production-larder and practical
Pastry- Theory
Pastry – Practical
Accounting II
Principles of Marketing
Principles of Economics
Principles of Management
Computer Applications
On The Job Training

Duration: 3 Years, incl 1 year AttachmentExamination Board: HEXCO

Professional Cookery (HND)

Marketing Management
Human resources Management
Financial Management
Management Information System
Purchasing and Stores Management
Production Management
Culinary Arts Practical
Research Project

Duration: 1 Full YearExamination Board: HEXCO