Rhodes University Examination 2023 – 2024

Rhodes University Examination 2023 – 2024

Rhodes University Examination 2023 – 2024 – See Details Below:

Supplementary examinations

The University committed, that an acknowledgement that the disruption impacted on study time,  supplementary examinations will be available for all courses on application. There will be no supplementary examination fee levied.

Supplementary examinations are available to all students who sit for the November examinations and who fail or do not achieve their true potential as a result of the disruption. Students are required to apply for supplementary examinations so that the University can cater for the correct number of students. For example, print the correct number of examination papers and set enough desks for each subject.

Results of the supplementary examination will be awarded in percentages and not with Pass or Fail symbols on students’ final results.

Aegrotat examinations

Aegrotat exams are offered to students who on account of illness//injury or for any other reason acceptable to the Senate (See General Regulations Rule G.39.2) are not able to write the November examinations.

Other reasons for an aegrotat would include the serious illness or death of a near relative at the actual time of the examination. In such a case, evidence of the circumstances should be attached in support of the application. Applications must be made no later than ONE WEEK from the date of the Examination missed.   Regardless of the nature of the illness or other cause, Senate may decline to grant an aegrotat examination.

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