By | May 14, 2019

Women’s University in Africa International Student


  1. Any student of the University who is not resident or whose parents or legal guardians are not resident in Zimbabwe at the date of his/her registration will be charged different fees from local students.
  2. A person who is resident in Zimbabwe solely for the purpose of attending University education shall not be regarded as being resident in Zimbabwe for the purposes of clause 1. Above.
  3. Persons who are on the staff of a foreign embassy in Zimbabwe and the dependants of such persons or expatriate staff with Temporary Employment Permits shall be regarded as non-residents for the purposes of determining the fees to be paid in by such persons for courses undertaken at the University.


  1. Although you may be accepted by the University for admission to degree/diploma studies, your entry into this country is subject to approval of the Department of Immigration. All students entering the country will be required to complete the normal “Immigration Declaration Forms” at the port of entry. On arrival in Zimbabwe you are advised to carry with you papers sent to you by the University regarding your admission to the University and, if you encounter problems in this regard, to telephone the Senior Assistant Registrar (Admissions and Records) on Harare number 333139.
  2. You should write to the Chief Immigration Officer, P Bag 7717, Causeway, Harare, Zimbabwe. (Telephone Harare 791913 ) If you are in any doubt as to immigration requirements.


The immigration Officer at the port of entry will probably ask you to produce:

  1. A Valid passport,
  2. A student’s permit or confirmation that you have been permitted to enter the country to study at this university. The University has applied for permits on behalf of new students. If you have not received a student’s permit from the immigration Department you must be able to produce confirmation that you have been accepted as a student at this University. The Immigration Department may then issue you with a Temporary Permit and further instruments.)
  3. An X-ray certificate i.e. a report signed by a radiologist, certifying that you are free from active pulmonary tuberculosis. The certificate must be dated not earlier than 6 months prior to your date of entry into the country.
  4. Immigration fee of US $50-00.