Rosebank College Values

By | September 25, 2022

Rosebank College Values

Report unethical behaviour

Our reputation and value of qualifications depend on the integrity of our academic processes and safety of our teaching and learning environments. Our Ethics Hotline was established to help you confidentially and anonymously report misconduct, intimidation, corruption, solicitation of bribes or favours and/or fraud if you can’t do so using the existing open channels.  Through the Ethics Hotline, you can report any activity which you reasonably suspect could undermine the safety of the teaching and learning environment or the integrity and reputation of the qualifications. This could include cheating in assessments or assessment leaks, blackmailing in exchange for a favour, including but not limited to; succeeding in an assessment or module; sale or trading of illegal substances; intimidation; harassment, dishonesty, theft or fraud.

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Ethics hotline

  • 08600 37283


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