By | September 29, 2021

Sants Private Higher Education Institution Tuition Fees


Tuition fees to study towards the Bachelor of Education in Foundation Phase Teaching programme include all study material, assignments, tuition, examinations, and access to a student portal, as well as non-compulsory support sessions.
All students are expected to pay a registration fee with the first enrolment on the programme and an annual re-registration fee for each new academic year thereafter, which is payable before the commencement of a new academic year. This registration and re-registration fee is deducted from the annual tuition fee payable.
Annual tuition fees for the first-year enrolment ranges from a minimum of R22 050 to a maximum of R23 783, depending on the language choices.
An academic year consists of two semesters. Tuition fees due per semester are payable on or before 31 March and 31 August for that respective semester. Students who need to make alternative payment arrangements must contact SANTS before the commencement of a specific semester.