University Of Johannesburg UJ Online Application apply now


University Of Johannesburg UJ Online Application apply now

University Of Johannesburg UJ Online Application apply now | See Details Below;

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Applications Closing Dates:

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    Applications Closing Dates:

    • Undergraduate programmes: Open: 1 April 2023
      Close: 31 October 2023 @ 12:00
    • Student accommodation: Open: 1 April 2023
      Close: 31 October 2023 @ 12:00
      All postgraduate programmes (Except for programmes listed below)
      Close: 31 October 2023 @ 12:00
      MEng/MPhil in Engineering Management (Course work)
      Close: 30 September 2023 @ 12:00

      BEd Hons Educational Psychology
      MEd Educational Psychology
      Close: 23 June 2023 @ 12:00

      Postgraduate Certificate In Education (PGCE)
      Close: 31 August 2023 @ 12:00

      MA Clinical Psychology
      MA Counselling Psychology
      Close: 7 July 2023 @12:00BA Hons in Psychology
      BSc Hons in Psychology
      Open: 1 July 2023
      Close: 30 September 2023 @12:00
      AdvDip in Business Management
      BA Hons in Human Resource Management
      BA Hons in Industrial Psychology
      BCom Hons in Financial Planning
      BCom Hons in Human Resource Management
      BCom Hons in Industrial Psychology
      BComHons in Information Systems
      BCom Hons in Investment Management
      BCom Hons in Marketing Management
      BCom Hons in Strategic Management
      BCom Hons in Property Valuation and Management
      BCom Hons in Quantitative Finance
      MCom in Accounting (RD)
      MCom in Auditing (RD)
      MCom in Computer Auditing (CW) – (if offered)
      MCom in Finance (CW)
      MCom in Financial Management (RD)
      MCom in International Accounting (CW) – (if offered)
      MCom in Investment Management (RD)
      MCom/MPhil in Industrial Psychology
      MCom in SA & International Taxation (CW) – (if offered)
      MCom in SA & International Taxation (RD)
      MCom in Quantitative Finance (RD)
      PhD in Accounting
      PhD Accounting with specialisation in Accounting and Finance
      PhD in Auditing
      PhD in Finance
      PhD in Industrial Psychology
      PhD in TaxationClose: 30 September 2023 @ 12:00

    NO application fee.

Undergraduate application information
Postgraduate application information

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Tel: (011) 559 4555

About the University of Johannesburg

Vibrant, multicultural and dynamic, the University of Johannesburg (UJ) shares the pace and energy of cosmopolitan Johannesburg, the city whose name it carries. Proudly South African, the university is alive down to its African roots, and well-prepared for its role in actualising the potential that higher education holds for the continent’s development. UJ has transformed into a diverse, inclusive, transformational and collegial institution, with a student population of over 50 000, of which more than 3000 are international students from 80 countries. This makes UJ one of the largest contact universities in South Africa (SA) among the 26 public universities that make up the higher education system.
The vision of the UJ is to be “an international University of choice, anchored in Africa, dynamically shaping the future”. The mission can be described as follows: “inspiring its community to transform and serve humanity through innovation and the collaborative pursuit of knowledge”. These are underpinned by four values, namely: imagination, conversation, regeneration and ethical foundation. The six strategic objectives provide a focused means for realising the Vision, Mission and Values of the University as set out above. They further represent a re-working of the original UJ Strategic Thrusts 2020 in the context of a wider positioning of the University as “The Pan-African” Centre for Critical Intellectual Inquiry, with the primary goal of achieving global excellence and stature.
The six strategic objectives are:

  1. Excellence in Research and Innovation.
  2. Excellence in Teaching and Learning.
  3. An International Profile for Global Excellence and Stature.
  4. Enriching Student-Friendly Learning and Living Experience.
  5. Active National and Global Reputation Management, and
  6. Fitness for Global Excellence and Stature (GES).

Recognised as the country’s second strongest brand, UJ offers world-class, internationally recognised academic programmes based on curricula informed by cutting-edge developments in both undergraduate and postgraduate education, and that are designed to prepare students for the world of work and for global citizenship. Our curriculum is increasingly reflective of previously marginalised scholarship that talks to a transformation and decolonisation agenda, with Africa at its core.
The University has 8 Faculties viz., Education, Law, Humanities, Fine Arts, Design and Architecture, Health Sciences, Science,  Engineering and the Built Environment as well as the  College of Business and Economics, housing the newly established Johannesburg Business School. The University has four campuses, namely the Auckland Park Bunting Road Campus; the Auckland Park Kingsway Campus; the Doornfontein Campus; and the Soweto Campus.

Important information before you apply

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New applicants

  • Please click HERE to consult the 2023 Undergraduate Prospectus to ensure you meet the minimum entrance requirements before applying.
  • Applicants may only apply for two study choices. These study choices may not be amended once they have been chosen. 
  • In the case of applicants re-writing Grade 12 subjects, applications will be processed on the current results available. If Grade 12 has been written more than once then your combined results must be submitted with your application.
  • Applicants writing the National Senior Certificate (NSC) through IEB or SACAI examining bodies can apply online by selecting “National Senior Certificate” under the Results Detail page of the online application process.
  • Applicants currently in Grade 12 may be requested to provide certified copies of final Grade 11 results for verification and auditing purposes.
  • The University of Johannesburg will not accept the General Education Development (GED) test for entry into any of its curricular undergraduate qualifications.  The GED is no longer recognised by Universities South Africa (USAF) and is not equivalent to a South African grade 12 (NSC/IEB/SACAI).  Applicants who completed the GED and would like to study towards an undergraduate curricular qualification are advised to register and complete a grade 12 NSC/IEB/SACAI or international equivalent thereof.
  • The National Benchmark Tests (NBTs) are not part of UJs admissions requirements and applicants are not required to write the NBTs in order to apply or gain admission to UJ. Applicants may, however, be requested to write the NBTs in exceptional circumstances where the applicant is in possession of an extraordinary school leaving certificate.

Re-applicants/Transfer applicants/Senior applicants

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