University Of Venda Students Finance

By | August 11, 2022

University Of Venda Students Finance

2022 Fees

1.1 Personally
Student Financial Enquiries Counter: Student Administration Building
Telephones : (015) 962 8000
Fees Enquiry : (015) 962 8957, 962 8467
Office Hours: Monday to Friday
08h00-16h45 (Payments and Enquiries)
1.2 By Post
Chief Financial Officer
Department of Finance
University of Venda
Private Bag X5050
1.3 Cash Deposits or Electronic Funds Transfer to Univen account:
Branch Code: 334-149
Account number: 1 000 000 589
Deposits can be made at any ABSA Group Branch. Always quote a student
number in the “reference” space provided on the deposit slip or on the EFT form
when making payment.
Direct bank deposits, ATM cash deposits, payments by credit or debit cards,
electronic payments and direct electronic transfers are all acceptable. Students
may make payments by means of any of the methods mentioned below:
2.1 Credit cards
Payments by credit card (Visa or MasterCard) are acceptable on campus.
2.2 Debit Card payments and Debit Order arrangements
All students carrying a VISA or Maestro ATM card can pay their fees at any
payment point with their debit card. All transactions are online and PIN-based
(the same PIN used at the ATM). For further details about this payment facility,
contact the Finance Department of the University.
Parents or guardians of students may also make arrangements with their banks
to make payments through monthly debit orders. In this process, the University’s
bank account is credited with the agreed-upon amount on a monthly basis.
2.3 Letters of authority and bursaries
If a sponsor has undertaken to pay a student’s study fees, the sponsor must
provide an original official letter, on a letterhead, signed by the appropriate
authorized person on behalf of the sponsor. In order to be registered, the student
must present this letter at the University on the day of registration. The letter
must indicate the following:
o full names
o surname
o identification number
o student number
o the academic cycle and year for which a student is registering
o the number of study fees that the sponsor commits to pay on behalf of
the student
In the event that a sponsor does not pay, the student will be held liable for the
fees and penalties. Payments (instalments) by sponsors should include a
detailed list of the distribution of the total payment.
2.4 Direct deposits and Internet payments
A student can make a deposit at any branch of ABSA Bank (refer to 1.3 above)
on condition that the minimum requirements are met.
If a student transfers funds directly (electronically) via a bank ATM or whatever
method, it is the student’s responsibility to confirm/verify the student’s number
and University’s bank particulars.
If sponsors make bulk payments for various students via the Internet or
electronic transfer, the following information must be entered for each individual
o student name
o amount payable
o student number
Without this information the individual student’s account cannot be credited, and
this creates various practical problems, such as non-entrance to facilities and
problems relating to the examinations, etc.
A list of these students will be kept by the Student Debtors division, which should
be contacted to clear these credits to students’ accounts.
2.5 Electronic payments
Students can make use of the MyGate system to pay their accounts online by
supplying a credit card number, card holder’s name, expiry date and CVV number.
Steps to be followed:
1. Login using your student number and pin
2. Click on “My Gate Online Payment”
3. Click on “Process Online Payment”
4. Enter the amount
5. Click the “Pay Now” button to continue with the transaction.
2.6 FUNDI are previously known as Edu-Loan
All employees and their dependents who enrolled with the University may
apply for Fundi study loan. To do so a student/guardian will have to:
o complete and sign a salary deduction instruction
o provide two latest salary slips/advice
o provide a certified copy of his/her identity document
The conditions of the FUND are as follows:
o The study fees include the registration fee and the cost of the subjects for
which a student has enrolled at the University for the period concerned.
o Repayment takes place over a period of ten (10) months via a salary
deduction facility, administered by Fundi.
o If a student wants to register for additional subjects after the initial
registration has taken place, a student will have to do so by means of a cash
payment. The salary deduction facility cannot be used for this purpose.
Students may direct enquiries to any Financial Aid Division office or to

Fundi’s client services on telephone (015) 962-8189.

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Payment Schedule
o Registration fee, SRC levy and late registration fee (where applicable) plus a
R1 730.00 of tuition contribution for non-sponsored students upon registration
and /or residence fees deposit is payable before the room is allocated to the
o 10% of the balance payable by 31
st March
o 30% of the balance payable by 31st May
o 50% of the balance payable by 30th June
o 70% of the balance Payable by 31st July
o 90% of the balance payable by 30th September
o Balance of 10% payable by 31st October

o Minimum amounts payable during registration do not include amounts owed for
the previous year(s).
o It is the responsibility of students to pay the balances by the due date and to
inform their sponsors of any outstanding balances on their accounts.
o A late registration fee will be levied on students who fail to register by the final
date of registration.OTHER FEES
(a) Registration Fee 2 300.00
(b) Late Registration Fee 3 900.00
(c) SRC Levy 970.00
(d) Supplementary\Special\Aegrotat Examinations 270.00
(e) Re-submission of Dissertation 8 200.00
(f) Re-submission of Thesis 8 900.00
(g) Remarking of Examination Scripts 750.00
(h) Viewing of Scripts 750.00
(i) Academic Record: Alumni 380.00
Academic Record: Current Students 150.00
(j) Statement of Results 650.00
(k)Graduation in Absentia 1 050.00
(l)Exemption fees per year module 640.00
(m) Exemption fees per semester module 330.00
(n) Status Recognition Fee 1 100.00
(o)Student Card Replacement fee 110.00
(p)Student Card Replacement Fee 95.00
(q) Laboratory Deposit (Refundable) 620.00

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