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Nyadire Teachers College Website Official

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Nyadire Teachers College History

1947: Establishment

Nyadire Teachers College is an institution of the united Methodists Church (UMC) and is situated 165km East of Harare in Mutoko district of Mashonaland East province, Zimbabwe. The college started training primary teacher lower (PTL) in 1947. The first batch of students was recruited after passing standard six.

From 1948 – 1957

The college faced some challenges because it did not have adequate lecturing staff. In mid-1948 it was recommended that the students be moved to Hartzel Mission School, another institution of UMC to complete the course. Nyadire Teachers College remained closed until 1957. When it was, reopened it resumed training lower primary school teachers.

Year 1960

In 1960 the college enrolled its first group of Primary Teacher Higher (PTH) .

Year 1979

In 1979 the college commenced training Primary Certified Teachers (PCT) who could teacher across the primary school classes.

Year 1981

In 1981 the college became an associate college of the University of Zimbabwe and students were certified by the university with a Certificate in Education (CE).

1991 to date

From 1991 to date the students are now awarded with Diplomas in Education-Primary (DE). In line with current trends, in 2007 the college started offering Diploma in Education Primary with specialisation in Early Childhood Development (ECD).

Mission Statement
To produce competent, innovative and morally upright primary school teachers for the socio–economic transformation of Zimbabwe.

A first class Science and Technology oriented primary teacher Education College.

With knowledge, a new life begins.

Desired Outcomes

  • The availability of effective qualified and responsible teachers for schools
  • The promotion of leadership qualities and professionalism in these teacher and the development of teachers as role models for the community
  • The effective development of the nations human resources, improved levels of literacy and numeracy in the community and improved quality of life for all.

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