Regenesys Business School Prospectus

Regenesys Business School Prospectus

Welcome to Regenesys
The purpose of Regenesys is to help individuals and organisations achieve their dreams by
awakening their potential. We believe that every human being has a unique talent and an
inner power to achieve their dreams. However, this potential is blocked by fears and beliefs
of a self-limiting nature.
We help our students to break their fears, change their self-limiting beliefs and achieve
greatness by awakening their potential. We do this by providing high-quality management
and leadership development programmes that develop individuals holistically –
intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and physically.
Regenesys is a special place of higher learning, matched by none. It provides life-changing
opportunities to its students to pursue their careers with large multinationals or embark on
their own entrepreneurial ventures.
With campuses in South Africa, India, and Nigeria, Regenesys is an international
a business school with over 200,000 students and alumni from 190 countries, and over
1000 corporate clients, of which majority are large multinationals such as Mercedes Benz,
Microsoft, Coca Cola, and Barclays, to name a few. Regenesys alumni occupy top leadership positions in multinational corporations and government institutions all over the world,
and form a very influential alumni network that supports its members with business
opportunities across the world.
Whatever dreams you decide to pursue, Regenesys will be there for you every step of the
way, always encouraging you to dream bigger and never to give up.
I wish you great success on your journey of learning, leadership development and making our
world a better place. We would be delighted to be your life-long companion on this journey.


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