Regenesys Business School Mumbai

By | August 31, 2022

Regenesys Business School Mumbai

Regenesys Business School

Regenesys Business School is a private business school based in Johannesburg, South Africa. It also has offices in Mumbai and Lagos. The South African higher education system differentiates between public universities and private higher education institutions.
The school has a mission of awakening the potential of individuals and teams. This philosophy is carried throughout its holistic training programmes.

Academic programmes

The Regenesys Business School has a focus on Business Management and Public Management and its accredited programmes include

  • MBA
  • Masters in Public Administration
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Public Administration
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Retail Management
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Credit Banking
  • Higher Certificate in Business Management
  • Higher Certificate in Business Management in Retail Management
  • Higher Certificate in Business Management in Credit Banking
  • Higher Certificate in Public Management

Corporate programmes

Regenesys Business School has a wide range of corporate programmes and includes programmes

  • Executive Development Programmes
  • Management Development Programmes
  • Online Short Learning Programmes
  • Skills programmes.

Study abroad programmes

Regenesys has a number of international students and its programmes are open to international students who are encouraged to study in South Africa.

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Regenesys is accredited by the Council for Higher Education in South Africa. South African higher education institutions are accredited through the Council for Higher Education in South Africa  and Regenesys Management is accredited to offer its programmes in accordance with the national quality standards.


Regenesys is ranked in the top 10 business schools in South Africa. The school gained a 7.3 ranking from the 2013 PMR.Africa rating

Spiritual and emotional intelligence

Regenesys programmes are based around the concepts of spiritual intelligence (non-religious) and emotional intelligence. These topics have become increasingly important in business management programmes

Free business education

Regenesys launched an initiative to make free education possible without subsidies through using the Freemium business model.
The school has made its material available at no charge while only charging students to complete the assignment and examination modules of their core business programmes.
Regenesys has also partnered with major organizations such as MTN Group. Pearson Education, India based Times of India Group, South African Department of Trade and Industry, Microsoft, Intel, Institute of Personnel Management and others to spread the free education initiative to a wide user base.
According to the school many individuals have registered and are using the service.
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