Victoria Park High School Fees

By | March 18, 2023

Victoria Park High School Fees

Victoria Park High School Fees

Victoria Park High School Fees – Victoria Park High School has released the fee structure for academic year… see details below.

Annual School Fees: R30 140-00
Full payment before 21/12/2023: R27 130.00 (R3 010-00 discount applies)
Full payment before 28/02/2023: R27 880-00 (R2 260-00 discount applies)
11 Equal monthly payments
January to November 2023: R 2 740-00
No other payment options are acceptable.
ANNUAL MUSIC FEES FOR 2023 (not included in school fees):
Once-off refundable deposit when hiring an instrument: R 800-00 Payable when music lessons commence.
Hire of instrument: R 850-00
Extra-mural Music Lessons: R1 850-00
The following are the preferred methods of payment for school fees:
  • Debit order (Signed Instruction presented by the school to your bank)
  • Direct Deposit into the school’s bank account
  • Electronic Payments (Internet, ATM or card payment at school).

Should you choose the debit order option, please complete the attached debit order instruction form and return to the Bursar’s office by no later than 25/11/2022.

Statements are emailed monthly. Should you not receive your statement please contact the Bursar’s Office to provide the correct email address. Parents who do not have email addresses will receive their statements via the learner. It is the responsibility of the parent to inform the school of any changes in address, contact numbers or email addresses.

Assistance is available to parents who have genuine financial needs and for whom the school fee payment becomes difficult. Bear in mind that the applications are not calculated on your expenses, but on the combined gross income of the biological parents. If you experience difficulty in paying fees, please note that it is your responsibility to inform us.
The closing date for exemption applications: is 31 March 2023.

A calendar month’s notice of the withdrawal of your son or daughter from Victoria Park must be provided
in writing. Failing this you will be liable for the fees.


The proposed budget passed through various stages before it was finally approved by a meeting of parents held on 05 November 2018. The final outcome of this process is that fees for were increased to R2.204 per learner per month over 11 months. Details regarding the payment of fees are clearly outlined on the reverse side of this letter.

The fees for , set at R24.224.00 per annum, have been necessitated by a number of factors namely:
– The ongoing challenge of recruiting and retaining the best quality staff.
– Continual spiraling costs which impact on the day-to-day management of the school.
– Maintaining quality education through wide academic and extra-mural programs.
– Ongoing improvements to our existing infrastructure that benefit our pupils. Victoria Park High School Fees

The Governing Body realizes the financial pressure placed on parents in terms of school fees and that is why we continue to do everything in our power to keep school fees affordable and at the same time deliver a top-class education to our children. The greatest gift that any parent can give to their children is a decent education. Please remember that we are a proud fee-paying school. I would like to thank all families who have supported the school in 2018, especially those families who have paid their fees regularly and timeously and thus allowed us to meet our financial commitments.

Without your support we would not be able to meet our short-term obligations:
– Maintain and guarantee a high level of academic excellence
– Remain financially sound in order to maintain our facilities

I would also like to take this opportunity to ask parents for their continued support for so that we not only meet our short-term obligations but also ensure that funds are available for the medium to long-term capital investments needed for maintaining and developing our fixed assets. There are a number of projects scheduled for , which if we are able to complete them, will benefit all the pupils a great deal.

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