Winterberg Agricultural High School Fees

By | March 21, 2023

Winterberg Agricultural High School Fees

School and hostel fees are strictly PAYABLE IN ADVANCE. The fees are as follows:

School fees

    • R16 720-00 (R1 520 per month from January to October )
    • (R1 520 compulsory payment on registration – next payment due by 31 January)

Hostel fees

    • R8 030-00 per learner per term. (Full-time boarders)
    • R10 700-00 per learner per term. (Gr 12: Full-time boarders – Payable over 3 terms)
    • R6 430-00 per learner per term. (Weekly boarders)
    • R8 560-00 per learner per term. (Gr 12: Weekly boarder – Payable over 3 terms)

All parents who pay the full amount owing (for the year), on or before 31 January, will be given a rebate of 5% (this applies to a school as well as hostel fees). Also 5% discount for parents with more than one biological child in Winterberg.

A parent who wishes to be exempted from the payment of school fees for a child should apply annually in writing by completing the relevant forms provided by the school and returning the forms to the school before 31 January.

School fees are payable without exemption if a school is chosen in preference to a school nearer the learner’s home.

Application forms can be obtained by downloading the following zip file: Application Forms

Completed forms must be sent by courier to:

Winterberg Agricultural High School

Industrial Area



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