Lawson Brown High School Application

By | November 6, 2022

Lawson Brown High School Application

For information regarding Lawson Brown High School Fees, Application and courses offered , click on any of the links below:

View our Admissions form below and click here to downloadDownload Admissions Form
View our Confidential Report below and click here to download Download Confidential Report
We strive to be an effective school, providing education in a happy, but a controlled environment where pupils are guided towards an awareness and realisation of their human potential in academic, sporting, cultural and religious fields.
We are dedicated to a healthy work ethic, optimum participation, commitment, accountability and empowering pupils with the intellectual, creative, psychological and social skills required for an informed, fulfilled, confident, useful and caring adult life and worthy citizenship.
You can also write or contact us using the information below.
041 374 3172
2 Eyre Street, Millard Grange, 6001


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