Regenesys Business School Mba Fees

Regenesys Business School Mba Fees

Dates & Fees
Registration Dates
Regenesys offers you flexible registration dates. Register at any time that suits you and falls in with the current class schedule.Fees
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Our accredited MBA programme develops the holistic leadership capability required for success.
Unlike traditional business schools that focus on IQ and quantitative management models, Regenesys adds qualitative dimensions to leadership development, these being:

  • Emotional Intelligence – the ability to manage emotions, behaviours and attitudes, and deepen self-awareness;
  • Spiritual Intelligence – the ability to manage spirit; to understand one’s purpose and live a life of truth, purpose and meaning and
  • Ethics and Values – a fundamental requirement for success in the business world.

Click here for an in-depth overview of the Regenesys MBA.

The emphasis in module assessment is on practical application. Learners may be required to work as individuals or in teams and will be required to address work-based challenges or relevant case study based questions.
Programme Duration and Modes of Delivery

The duration of the programme is 2 years for the modules and 1 year for your dissertation.

  • Distance Mode – No contact sessions and correspondence is handled through virtual portals and posts. There is a strong recommendation to attend the first module, which is designed to equip you with the necessary academic foundation and competencies to successfully complete the MBA.
  • Contact Mode – Contact sessions are held for every module, either block release (Fri/Sat every 6-weeks) or evening (Tues/Wed for 2-weeks every 4-weeks)

What are the advantages of distance/e-learning studying?

  • The convenience of studying in your own time from anywhere in the world, wherever it suits you, at home, at work, or a library
  • Study when it suits you. Devise your own study schedule to suit your lifestyle and work commitments and then progress with your course at the pace that suits you best.
  • Cost-effective. This distance education programme costs less than the MBA where you are required to attend all the modules. You will also make personal savings with regards to transport and time to travel costs.


The Regenesys MBA will assist you to achieve your personal and organisational goals by providing you with a career development generalist programme focussing on leadership through strategic management.
The programme is designed to assist you to solve intricate business problems in an ethical and sustainable manner by making informed decisions through the use of information and data in an innovative and scientific manner. In addition, the programme will empower you to communicate with specialist and non-specialist audiences.
From an organisational perspective, the MBA will equip you with an advanced understanding and knowledge of the strategic interrelationship between the organisation’s internal and external environments, as it responds to changes and trends. The MBA is geared to promote independent thinking, self-direction and autonomous behaviour in planning and implementing solutions for organisations.

Our MBA is an NQF level 9 qualification, with 225 credits. The qualification consists of 10 compulsory modules, two electives and a mini-research dissertation.

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